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  • Ways to Play Swat Game

Ways to Play Swat Game

Game Setup

  • 1. Choose the appropriate level of sight words
  • 2. Lay out the flies from that level so that all players can see the words.

Note: For a younger child, you will begin with around five fly cards. As the child gets more advanced, you can add more words and use words that are of a more difficult level.

1. Basic Fly Swat

  • 1. This game can be played by 1-4 children
  • 2. The adult calls out one word at a time.
  • 3. The child must find the word among the fly cards and then “splat” the word with their fly swatter while repeating the word.
  • 4. The player who has collected the most flies is the winner.

2. Basic Fly Swat Variations

You can change the difficulty of the game, making it easier by using fewer words, using words that are very different, and giving the child more time to find each word. The game can be made more challenging by using more words, using words that are similar (e.g., the, that, and there), and speeding up the rate at which you call out new words.

3. Speed Swat

This can be played by either a single child or multiple children, using the sand timer

  1. 1. Set up the game by placing the fly cards out on a table, well-spaced out. Choose the required levels depending on the ability of the children playing
  2. 2. Start the sand timer and then call out one word at a time
  3. 3. The child needs to Swat the flies as quickly as possible
  4. 4. Call out a new word after each successful swat
  5. 5. Once the sand timer runs out count the total number of cards that the child has collected and write it down.
  6. 6. The next time try to beat that score.

BONUS – Visit https://learningantics.myshopify.com/pages/speedswat to download your free printable scorecard

4. Large Group Fly Swat

This game is great if you have more than 4 children.

  • 1.Divide the children into two teams and provide each team with a single fly swatter.
  • 2.One child from each team faces away from the table and the fly swatter in their hand.
  • 3.The adult calls aloud a word from the list on the board and the players have to turn around and touch the word that has been said with the fly swatter.
  • The first one to swat the word gets a point for their team.

This game is best played on a smaller table that kids can stand around.

A more advanced child, can be in charge of calling out the word.

5. Advanced Variations

The below are ideas for children with advanced capabilities

  • 1. Instead of calling out just one word at a time, the adult calls out two and eventually even three or four words. The child then has to “splat” each of the fly cards in the order they were called. This helps the student develop memory and recall as well as building speed in recognizing the words.
  • 2. Provide clues to find the word. For example: find something you can sit on. Chair. Find an adjective that could be used to describe the weather. Overcast
  • 3. Provide a definition for the word to be swatted. For example: something that is alone, solitary and without company might be said to be……isolated
  • 4. Rather than saying the word, spell it out for the child S - U - N
  • 5. Provide a synonym or antonym for the word. Happy…. overjoyed…. miserable
  • 6. Lift up a certain number of fingers and the child has to swat the number of fingers to the corresponding card
  • 7. The adult might say, "four." Then the first child that swats the word four while using it in a sentence win. example “I have four apples.”
  • 8. Use the timer for any of the variations games to give it the game a speed element
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