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Swat a Sight Word Game includes in the box: • 4 Fly Swatters • 125 flies with words on both sides that consist of 220 Dolch Sight Words, 10 Cards with Objects (for pre-schoolers aged 3 to 4), 10 Numbers, 10 Blank flies so you can write your own words • Game Timer • Vocabulary Cards • Instructions
There was a sheet in our box explaining the various ways you can play with this game.
This sight words game has been used by other children who have ADD as well as dyslexia and the game has helped them learn to read because it is interactive and engaging (they can play while moving around).
Definitely, this is a great and interactive classroom resource that can be used by teachers in many different creative ways. Swat A sight word game has been used in preschool, kindergarten, first, second and third-grade classrooms as well as students of all ages learning English.
Definitely! I found that I never used all the sight words at the same time for my children when we played.
The Swat A Sight Word game would make a beautiful and appreciated gift. The box comes packaged in a modern designed box as pictured in the main image. All items fit nicely inside.
Both the flies and the fly swatters are durable. I have two kids (5 & 6) and they both my kids whack the words with power. Also, after they have finished the game I add another challenge where if they read the sight word back to me and get it right they get to throw the fly (sometimes on the tiled floor others times at a target such as a bowl). This gives additional incentives to read and it is their favorite bit as I have to clean up the mess. The flies have now been thrown multiple times and are still like new


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