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A Simple Tip to Stop Nagging Children

"Do you find that you are constantly nagging or reminding your kids to put there things away? Do you feel what you tell often falls on deaf ears?

How about instead of ordering, correcting, and directing such as:
(X) Can you please put away your shoes?
(X) You need go do your homework
(X) Go clean your room

Try using What Is Your Plan For?
(Y) What is your plan for your shoes?
(Y) What is your plan for making sure your homework is done?
(Y) What is your plan for cleaning your room?

This is a more empowering approach (and increases the chances the job will get done) as you are respectfully asking your child instead of commanding which frustrates kids. How would you feel if someone was constantly telling you to put your bag away, move your shoes, wash the dishes and so forth.

Amy McCready from Positive Parenting says 'These questions are an empowering approach because they assume kids have a solid plan. Even if they don’t, it allows them to save face and quickly come up with a strategy.'

When your child answers with his or her plan, you can respond with, “Fantastic! I knew you had it under control.”

Kids get a boost of power when they decide how to complete their responsibilities. This tool is great for helping to diffuse power struggles.

BONUS TIP - This works on husbands too - what is your plan for the rubbish? or employees/work colleagues what is your plan for submitting your timesheets?

Where can you start using 'What's your plan for'? Please share in the comments below.

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